magpie robin

I am a magpie robin, waiting to reside in the midst of shade and canopy. Perhaps near a humble palm tree, overlooking the sea.  Some twigs, leaves and strands of grass are all I need. Because I’m ready to flap my wings and fly away to proceed. magpie robin

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Almost Gone

“Two figures emerge from the darkness of the shadows by the riverbed. They seem to be carrying something heavy. They hop onto a boat and dispose of their burden on reaching the middle of the river. 45 minutes later they reach back home grinning with wry satisfaction. The job was done. ” Castle Combe is […]

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Prologue The man lay on the sofa overwrought, heavily breathing. He seemed satisfied with his work. He turned his head to figure out who it was but then another blow on his temple knocked him out cold…The figure then took a blade and cut open his throat to make sure the job was done. The figure […]

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Mental Health

In lieu of the prevalent stigma around such issues. You can access an article I wrote about these issues below – The Hushed Voices of Mental Health

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Memoirs Of Paul Okonji-III

This is the third part of the Paul Okonji series. The first two parts can be accessed below –   Memoirs Of Paul Okonji-I Memoirs Of Paul Okonji-II              27th September 1768 It’s with a heavy heart and a troubled mind that I pen down the events that occurred between […]

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Memoirs Of Paul Okonji-II

This is the second part of the Paul Okonji Series. The first part can be accessed below – Memoirs Of Paul Okonji-I     23rd June 1768 I am sick of working for them now. The torturous work still goes on and the whips hit harder than ever. Food tastes better but just because of the routine. […]

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Warm Greetings! As many of you might have noticed, I haven’t been active here for a very long time. I would like to apologise for that. But I assure you all now that I have once decided to write again. As this pandemic has engulfed us all, I urge you to stay safe and healthy! […]

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Memoirs Of Paul Okonji-I

12th May 1768 I sit here in my quarters comprising of a mug, a plate and a pile of dried Zelkova leaves where I am writing this. Which hour of which day it is I am not aware. For starters, my name is Paul Okonji. I was very mercilessly snatched away from my family a […]

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The Macabre House

Deep down the Tyrose valley among thickets and shrubs lays an old and battered house that no one speaks about. The air surrounding it is terribly cold and damp. Miles across the house not a scintilla of life can be found; not even rodents or reptiles. The metallic gate is heavy with rust and opens […]

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