Almost Gone

“Two figures emerge from the darkness of the shadows by the riverbed. They seem to be carrying something heavy. They hop onto a boat and dispose of their burden on reaching the middle of the river. 45 minutes later they reach back home grinning with a wry satisfaction. The job was done. ” Castle Combe... Continue Reading →

The Macabre House

Deep down the Tyrose valley among thickets and shrubs lays an old and battered house that no one speaks about. The air surrounding it is terribly cold and damp. Miles across the house not a scintilla of life can be found; not even rodents or reptiles. The metallic gate is heavy with rust and opens... Continue Reading →


October 1960 It was after midnight that Frank heard the door bell. He had almost fallen asleep on the couch waiting for his friend when the noise woke him up. Clumsily he got up, adjusted his clothes and went towards the main door (which happened to be jammed as luck would have been).Through awkward gesticulation... Continue Reading →

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